Thursday, 25 March 2010

Flatpack Festival

Today, my group went to Birmingham to visit the Museum & Art Gallery and also for Flatpack Festival 2010.

We started the day by seeing the Staffordshire Hoard exhibited in the Gallery. I'd been wanting to see this for a while and liked it a lot as I've always had a keen interest in history!
We looked around other parts of the gallery, including the British Watercolours exhibition and some interactive pieces, but we soon left to see Julien Maire's "Digit" (see video below) at the Central Library.

This was the first Flatpack Festival piece we saw and I was impressed. For this piece, Julien was sat at a table "writing" printed sentences by just moving his fingers across paper. Although I could see there was something under his fingers creating the text, I could not figure out how it was done! It was a pleasure to watch.

We then went to the Bull Ring to see the "Created In Birmingham" exhibit. The work here included photography, print, animation, sculpture, design and more. I liked a lot of the work displayed here and enjoyed seeing the work of both students and professionals.

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